Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Question for the Doc

In recently attending two births with whom my clients had the same doctor, neither one delivered while their doctor was on call. This means that they each got the doctor in that group of four in the practice that was on call that evening/weekend. I was able to see first hand the practices of each. One of which I was greatly disturbed by his technique, the other, I felt had practices more in line with my beliefs.

Attention all ladies who are hiring an OB/GYN! Please ask your doctor about the practices of his colleagues. You may love your doctor and he/she may be in total agreement with your birth plan and desires for your birth, but the instant you end up with the doc on call, you are just any other patient having a baby that day.

If this in any way disturbs you, consider having a home birth or birthing center birth where most likely you will be seen prenatally by the same caregiver that will labor with you and deliver your baby no matter the day or how long it takes.

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Christina Pond said...

Oh I agree! That happened with us! We got our NCB, but we also got a doctor we had no idea what he believed! He was all about episiotomies and cord clamping! We had to refuse both!

I was thinking about this topic earlier, and if you have a NCB, most likely you will have a baby born at some odd hour, not always from 8-5!!! So knowing who may catch your baby as you deliver them is very important!!!

(BTW I met you at Donna's! Keep up the good work! I love your blog!)