Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Sign in a Doctor's Office

*I just reread this post. It made no sense. I was a bit under the weather. It is fixed now!

This sign is up at a obstetrician's office in Provo, UT. The physicians seem to get mixed reviews from the research I have done on them. They either love the practice or really dislike it. Overall, I get the feeling they opt to subject their own agenda on their patients. Obviously, they do not advocate three very important aspects of birth that have been shown to improve outcomes have a positive affect on babies and birth - doulas, birth plans, and natural birth methods.

In case you can't read it, it says:

"Because the Physicians at Aspen's Women's Center care about the quality of their patients deliveries and are very concerned about the welfare and health of your unborn child, we will not participate in: a "Birth Contract", a Doulah Assisted, or Bradley Method delivery. For those patients who are interested in such methods, please notify the nurse so we may arrange transfer of your care."

Well, at least they are honest. Too bad they can't spell Doula.


Karilyn Sanders said...

Are you kidding me??? Wow.....it's not 1952 anymore. Welcome to the age of alternative birthing practices. It's sad that they are so ignorant about how amazing those techniques are.

Alicia said...

This is horrifying.

Hannah said...

Crazy stuff, right? Like you said, though, at least they are honest!

The OB I used gave a "welcome" letter with each pregnancy I had. Each time it said that Bradley parents were not welcome.

Michael said...

We dropped our first OB-GYN for this very attitude. He went through the motions of pretending to be interested in what kind of birth we wanted, then showed his true colors with an angry outburst the very first time we asked him questions.

We had six weeks left before the due date.