Monday, January 11, 2010

Babywearing - Slings and Wraps

Last fall I attended a presentation on babywearing. There are so many choices when it comes to how to wear your baby and what is most comfortable for you and the needs of you baby. Below are several different types of wraps and slings. When searching for the best babywearing option for you, I suggest trying them on with a weighted baby to see what fits you best. While I was at the presentation, I was attracted to one sling in particular, but when I put it on, it wasn't a good fit. I ended up liking the one I thought I would least like.

MOBY WRAP (starts at $40) - two shoulder carrier, best for newborns, carries up to 15 to 20 lbs., stretchy, can be hot in summertime, one size (6 yrds).

MAYA WRAP (starting at$65.95 for regular fabric and $94.50 for organic) - great for newborns, carries up to 35 lbs., one shouldered, cool for the summer, best for nursing, sized by height of wearer.

GYPSY MAMA (starting at $69 - $74) - gauze and stretchy (6 yrds.), great for newborns, for babies up to 35 lbs, two shouldered, sized to fit wearer, most versatile. For more photos in how to wear the gypsy mama, click here.

(starting at $129) - soft structured carrier, for newborn up to 40 lbs., unique features such as cinching at bottom to allow smaller babies to sit with legs out, most versatile carrier, and two shouldered.

ERGO (starting at $105) - soft structured carrier, two shouldered, for newborn up to 40 lbs., best for 5 months and up when baby can straddle, has an infant insert for babies less than 4 months, great accessories.

BECO (starting at $140) - for newborn up to 40 lbs., two shouldered, front and back soft structured carrier, no need for infant insert.

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Donna Ryan said...

I have used "Over the Shoulder Baby Holder" for 13 years and have seen dozens of slings come on the market since then. I still feel strongly about having a "shoulder pad" in the sling. It makes such a difference in the duration you can carry the baby and also if the baby is heavy, it makes it easier to carry. It's closest to the Mayan sling, but more padding. If you are interested, check out or you can email me too. I am placing an order in the near future.