Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sore Nipples

Thank goodness for the mommies who have gone before me. I admittedly don't know everything about pregnancy, childbirth. and beyond and I welcome the advice and support.

My first trimester of pregnancy was a bit rough. I had spotting from 5 weeks until 12 weeks. On top of that, I was nauseated and throwing up from week 9ish to week 13ish. Now that I am feeling EXCELLENT in my second trimester, I am going to try and relay my own personal experiences, concerns, and questions about pregnancy and childbirth.

Many women have sore breasts and nipples during pregnancy and breastfeeding. In fact, my first pregnancy symptom was very tender breasts. But, I never expected to have such sore nipples. There were days in the first trimester that just the graze of a shirt across them or water running on them was so painful. As a breastfeeding advocate, I plan to put my baby to my breast the moment after birth. Although my nipples have toughened up during this 2nd trimester, I am nervous that I may experience sore nipples in my breastfeeding journey.

I am open to any suggestions, personal experiences, organic products, etc... I know Earth Mama Angel Baby has wonderful products for nipples. What else worked for you? Anyone had the same concerns or experienced what I am feeling? Did you prepare your nipples and breasts for breastfeeding in any way?


Shannon said...

Hi! You know much more than I did going into breastfeeding. I was pretty sore for 1-2 weeks. Those 2 weeks were the hardest. Then it seemed like the soreness and tenderness were gone.

Smits Family said...

ohhh! you don't want to know what I went through! :) Lets just say if it is bad it won't necesarrily be for baby number 2 :)