Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Birth Control and Pregnancy Achievement

We have made the personal choice to use the Fertility Awareness Method form of birth control. In the summer of 2006, just before getting married in August, I read the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler to prepare for natural birth control. We have never used any other form of birth control and find FAM to work well for us as birth control, as well as for pregnancy achievement. Using no drugs or hormones, a woman can determine whether she is fertile or infertile by observing body signs and following simple rules.

This past July, as we were using FAM to achieve pregnancy, I took an ovulation test to ensure I was on track with recording my ovulation. Sure enough, I was and got pregnant on our first try. Unfortunately, it resulted in an ectopic pregnancy, but it confirmed that it is a good method for us as we will use it again in the future for pregnancy achievement.

I recommend using this method because it enables couples to both feel responsible for birth control and allows the couple to connect on a deeper level. No one person has the responsibility all on their own. Plus, it is natural and allows you to abstain from putting anything unnatural or synthetic into your body.

Visit http://www.ovusoft.com/ for more information and read the book too!


JoAnne said...

What would be the downfalls of just using condoms?

Scott and Hannah said...

Using condoms is fine, but some people have sensitivities to latex and cannot use condoms. They are effective and do provide, in my opinion, a safer form of birth control than anything that is injested or injected.

Lori said...

This is a facinating book. All women should read it - even just to learn about the various phases of their their cycle. I used the charting method as well. Now I know my body well enough to know what the egg white means!

Smits Family said...

love this book, it is all we have used for almost 5 years and two babies