Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Birth Bag

Babies are coming and I am packing a doula birth bag. From what I have read, this is what I have packed so far:
  • a rolling pen
  • a rice bag (for heating or cooling)
  • massage tools
  • unscented lotion
  • wash clothes
  • a timer
  • my notebook and a pen
  • snacks and beverages (for me)
I need suggestions.....anything that you think I should add that would have felt good to you in labor? I am new at this and haven't had the labor experience myself. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Lori said...

A cup for ice chips. Hard candies. Peppermint extract (good to inahale for a burst of energy.) A paper/hand-held fan. It can get really hot when pushing. A roll of quarters for the vending machine. A tennis ball for back pain. (can put it against a wall and lean on it where the pain is.) Relaxation CD?