Saturday, January 10, 2009

Choose Your Birth Place Wisely

I have attended two hospital births in the past week and a half, both resulted in a cesarean birth. I believe this was due to the excessive amounts of interventions, medications, and clock watchers on the staff. I am saddened and concerned for the young ladies that had to go through this. It is difficult, as a doula, to believe that this is how it "had" to be because in my heart of hearts I believe otherwise.

Having not had children of my own, I don't necessarily have a validated biased opinion, however, I plan to give birth in my home when the time comes. Many people that I tell this to are appalled that I would consider such a "dangerous" way to give birth. A lack of education and information allows them to form such an opinion. My husband and I believe that for our birth, that our home if the safest place to be. I, myself, have only heard through the grapevine of one instance that a friend of a friend went to the hospital during her home birth. I have, on the other hand, heard of many successful and wonderful home birth stories. My sister has had two amazing home births that transpired incredibly well. She is quite an inspiration to those who have questions or fears about having a baby at home. She trusted her body and it did for her what she wanted and prayed for it to do.

My friend, Donna, has recently blogged about her take on home births. She has had two of them herself. Take a look at her blog for some more fascinating information! Click here for Donna's Blog!

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