Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Safest Birth Place

I get asked this question a lot. "Where is the safest place to give birth?" I think that after my last post, many of you know where I think the safest place to give birth is. But, that is because I think that will be the safest place for me. My husband is comfortable with it and that is important for me as well. I believe that the safest place to give birth is wherever you feel the safest. Your environment the people you surround yourself with during your birth need to make you feel calm, comfortable, and at peace. If you are worried about your husband, your other kids, the dog, bright lights, cold air, phones ringing, medications, and so on, you will not be at peace. Try no to feel pressured to make a decision about your birth place because someone else believes it best for you. You know your needs and your body and what is most relaxing to you. As a doula, I support birth in the place of your choosing, whether that be in a hospital, a birthing center or in your home. It's your birth after all!

I want to hear from you. Take the poll on where you believe the safest place to give birth for you is.

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The Panic Room said...

just found your blog. My wife and I are excited to read all of this info. We are both excited to be doing a home birth.

I tried to follow your blog but didn't see a link for it.