Friday, May 15, 2009

New Poll on Vaccinations

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I have recently gotten a lot of feedback and comments on vaccinations and feel that a vaccination post is in the near future. Although I learned more of vaccinations and their pros and cons about eleven years ago, I would like to be able to write about it from an educational and informational point of view. I know that parents want the best for their kids and just need the proper knowledge to make informed decisions.

Some parents believe they are doing the right thing by vaccinating and protecting their kids from harmful diseases. Others believe that the risks of vaccinating are too great and can lead to serious illness and death. And yet, other parents selectively vaccinate against some illnesses and not others.

Although I fit into one of the above categories, in my blog I do not wish to evoke my opinions and beliefs on anyone concerning this topic. I will, however, talk to you personally if you would like.

Please feel free to share your comments...anonymously if you wish.


Anonymous said...

For me, my real hang up on people choosing not to vaccinate their children is that they are still benefiting from the rest of the nation who choose to vaccinate. In other words, some people can make the decision not to vaccinate their children because the masses are taking the precautions. The likelihood of un-vaccinated children contracting these diseases is low, but only while they are in this country, where the majority of people continue to be vaccinated. I think about the epidemics that plagued our country, and others in the past—the epidemics that are happening in under-developed countries currently and I can’t make, what feels to me, like an irresponsible decision for my greater community. I have researched the topic and there are thoughtful arguments, but in the end, for the nation, vaccinations have made this country safer.

Hannah said...

I am completely back and forth in my head on this subject. I spent so much time focusing on learning about birth and preparing for Kamy's arrival that I didn't even think about things like breastfeeding, vaccines, etc. I was just thrown in and followed whatever. Then Kenzy came along and I was much more skeptical, and selectively vaccinated based on the pediatrician's advice (she wouldn't do the rotovirus vaccine, which was fine with us) and now for Krosby, I finally feel as comfortable as I can, I guess. We're selectively vaccinating - doing most of the ones required, but are spreading them out and not giving lots all at once. It is a really difficult decision to make as a parent.

I always say I wish I could be 100% pro vaccine or 100% anti-vaccine because that way I'd be passionate. Right now I feel more like I'm damned if I don't, damned if I do. My vaccinating friends think I am insane, and my anti-vax friends also think I'm insane. I admire women/men who are 100% confident in their decision.

Oh, and throw in a very very pro-vaccine husband, who doesn't want to look at the info either way, and it is just plain hard.

Ugh. :)

Michelle said...

Before my son was born we decided not to vaccinate based on the research I had done. When my son finally got here, our doctor demanded that we vaccinate, and my husband and I, like many new parents, gave in and let them injure our child. My son reacted to the vaccinations that he received. I never took him back for any more. My son is also one of the most healthy children I have ever met, and am so grateful for the knowledge I have regarding vaccinations. I am due in August with our second, and he or she will not be vaccinated as well. For us, it is the right decision, but I always urge others to look up the facts and get educated. Only then can you asses the information and make an educated decision for your child.