Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kickin' It

My bad habit that is.


I have had a hunch that is been affecting my fertility. When we conceived last summer, I was not drinking caffeine. But, because of my work schedule these days, I have been drinking more coffee in the past several months. I would say that I drink an average of 12 oz. per day. That isn't a lot compared to the intake of many, but it is more that I feel I should be having.

After about seven months of trying to conceive with no positive outcome, I have decided to take a good look at my diet. Caffeine is the first to go and here is why. Some studies have shown the link of caffeine consumption and the ability to conceive. For example, one study showed that women who have an intake or 300mg of caffeine per day have a 27 percent less chance of conceiving compared to those who do not have caffeine. So now it will be herbal tea for me.

What will be the next nutritional change? I am not sure. Stay tuned.

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Hannah said...

I hope you have an easy go of cutting it out - as you know from me, my experience wasn't a pleasant one. Worth it, for sure, but not fun. :) Good luck!