Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Who's Pregnant?

There can be many signs and symptoms early on in pregnancy. Things like just having that feeling, implantation spotting, positive pregnancy tests, nausea, missed period, and the list goes on.

Does anyone out there care to share the story of how you found out or had a hunch your were pregnant?

Who did you tell first?

How did you tell your spouse? Family? Friends?


Cherilyn said...

I remember when it dawned on me I might be pregnant with Micah. I had gone with my parents and our other three boys to a 1800's reenactment in the Flint Hills. It was a beautiful fall day but I was so tired all I wanted to do was curl up on a hay bale and sleep. I was sleepwalking all day. I slept all the way home, got home and wanted to sleep some more. Two days later when I was still dead dog tired and feeling kind of queasy, I made the connection. Surprise! Being pregnant at 38 is definitely more exhausting than in my 20's!

Jack said...

Bleeding gums around 10 DPO for both my boys. DS1 was planned (with Clomid), DS2 was total surprise!

Angie said...

Bloody Nose. It happened with this pregnancy about 15 DPO and on. I am 19 weeks and still get them from time to time.

To tell my husband I wrote him a little poem and wrapped it around the pregnancy test.

Anonymous said...

It was time for my annual and my cycle was two days late (and it was like clockwork). I told my Dr. I needed a pregnancy test during my visit. He went on to tell me that I wasn't "technically" late as my cycle could run 35 days, but went on to test anyway. The results were negative but I insisted that I was pregnant (I just knew somehow). That was on a Tuesday and on Friday I went back for a blood test (since my cycle still had not started)and sure enough, it was positive.

As for my husband; he was next to me every step of the way.