Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Baby Talk

Talking to your baby from conception to birth can be such a beautiful bonding experience. Even though your baby has not fully developed hearing very early on, I believe it is important to recognize the connection you have with your baby and start talking to him or her from the moment you find out your are pregnant. Encourage dad to talk and bond with the baby too. When that baby is born he or she will be able to recognize your voices.

So what exactly should you say to your baby in the womb?

As the mother, your baby is going with you everywhere. As you drive in your car, take a walk, do housework, or whatever you may do throughout your day, tell your baby what you are doing.

When you sit down to eat a meal, share with your baby about the delicious food you are both about to eat.

At times when the baby is especially active during the day or night, talk to the baby out loud or just in your heart. What may be making the baby so active and what can you do to help he or she to be calm? Listen for the answer. You will be surprised what you may hear.

At bedtime, have daddy tell the baby about his day and have him read the baby a children's story.

When you go to see your caregiver, tell the baby what to possibly expect. Do you have an ultrasound or other prenatal testing that day? Prepare the baby for what will be happening.

Do you feel especially emotional some days? Do you cry or feel overwhelmed at times? Explain to your baby the feelings you are having.

Are you reaching the end of pregnancy? Tell your baby and your body the kind of birth you want. Ensure the baby that what is about to happen during birth is a lot of work for both of you and you will be so excited to greet him or her in the end. Tell your baby the position you would like he or she to be in for the best birth.

Establishing a relationship before birth will help you to continue once the baby is born. Because you have been talking to the baby for so many months in your womb, it will be very easy to continue that bonding once you are holding him or her in your arms and going about your day after the birth.

Don't underestimate the awareness of your baby. Just because your baby is very tiny and young doesn't mean that he or she doesn't understand what is going on it's environment. Babies know more at a young age than we will ever understand.

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