Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Newborn Crawl to Initiate Breastfeeding

I love the video of a newborn crawling up it mother to feed. I wish the poor baby was a bit more dried off and had a hat on, but overall, it is a great demonstration.

Evidence shows that 22% of all deaths among babies in developing countries may be prevented by early breastfeeding initiation.

The breast crawl is natural and instinctive for babies. This does not guarantee successful establishment of breastfeeding for every mother and baby, but it can have some great advantages if it is achieved. The skin to skin contact with the newborn baby has many amazing affects on the mother and baby as well, including bonding and warmth.

Advantages to the mother and baby for the breast crawl and early breastfeeding initiation include:
  • Skin to skin contact which keeps the baby warm
  • Leads to fast and effective achievement of feeding skills by the baby
  • The first feeding of colostrum has a high concentration of antibodies. It is the babies first immunization. The baby will get bacterial flora from the mother that protects against infection and ultimately leads to the baby's survival
  • Promotes uterine contractions for better birth of the placenta
  • It can prevent maternal blood loss and anemia
  • Leads to better sugar levels and other biochemical parameters in the first few hours after birth
  • Promotes earlier passage of meconium and decreases the potential of newborn jaundice
  • Early and long term breastfeeding success
  • Better mother-infant bonding
Information gathered from http://breastcrawl.org

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