Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vaccination Exemption in Texas

In addition to medical and religious reasons, I recently learned that Texas and Arkansas have been added to the list of 20 states that allow for "philosophical" exemptions from vaccinations. By stating that you are opposed to vaccinations based on your philosophies, your children can be exempt from getting any or all vaccinations. It is not necessary to state your philosophical reasons when you complete the proper forms for exemption. Remember that it is important to apply early to avoid the backlog and possibly delays for school deadlines.

There has been a lot of publicity on the evening news this week about vaccinations. Parents are being advised to vaccinate their children to go back to school. And, there have been a few local cases of severe reactions to Gardasil, the HPV vaccination.

According to the poll on my blog, about 42% of my readers have chosen not to get all of the recommended for some or all of their children. Because many doctors and hospital staff are presenting vaccinating as "the law" most parents are vaccinating their children without the proper education and information. Be aware that it is "the law" that they offer your tiny new baby the vaccines, but you are able to waive any and all of these vaccination given at birth.

If you decide to vaccinate, I recommend that parents wait until their children are at least two years old before doing any vaccinating. As far as school aged children go, I would strongly urge doing a lot of research before getting all of the vaccinations recommended by your pediatrician. Many vaccines are still so new and do not have long term, double-blind placebo test studies done on them. A chiropractor friend of mine recently informed me that longer studies have been done on shampoo than on vaccines. Hmm......

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Emily said...

I didn't see any doctors listed for you or sister know of any that you would recommend?

Hannah Reasoner said...

I have heard that Dr. Tara Hickman, NMD in Fayetteville is more holistic minded.

345 St. Charles Ave
Fayetteville, AR 72703
phone: (479) 445-2220

Hope that helps!