Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Defending My Cause

I recently had the following comment on my blog by someone anonymous in response to my episiotomy post:

Mother-Friendly Childbirth--Highlights of the Evidence

"My BFF did the Bradley method and did everything right and still needed an episiotomy, or as you call it, "the cut".

And to all the moms reading this who DON'T circumcise your sons, NOBODY is going to want to date them when they are older because uncircumcised penises are DISGUSTING! Especially when you're 80 and can't clean behind the foreskin. (I'm a nurse). Ugh, even the word foreskin makes me want to vomit. Gross!"

Although I believe this comment to be very derogatory and inappropriate, I would like to clarify any misguided thoughts and beliefs on the subjects of the Bradley Method, episiotomies, and circumcision.

The Bradley Method of childbirth education is a 12 week class that provides couples with information and education on how to have a spontaneous, unmedicated, vaginal birth. Couples come away with comprehensive information on topics such as medical vocabulary, nutrition, relaxation exercises, birth plans, bonding techniques, and staying healthy and low risk. Attending a childbirth class of any kind will not guarantee that you will or will not be faced with interventions during birth. Furthermore, women and their partners are responsible for relaying information and discussing expectations with their caregiver prior to the birth. Unfortunately, many doctors are still doing routine episiotomies for babies of any weight or presentation. For more information about The Bradley Method, visit their website, and for episiotomy information see my previous post.

Circumcision is a decision parents make based on personal, medical, or religious beliefs. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Medical Association do not recommend circumcision as a routine procedure. Statistics now show that 57% of babies born today are not being circumcised. However, parents need to feel free to make the decision that is right for them and their son. See my previous post for more information.

I have always wanted my blog to be informative and educational for all who desire to know more about pregnancy, natural childbirth and holistic healthcare. I understand that there are many ideas and opinions out. I encourage you to always research and be completely informed before making decisions that will affect you, your birth, and your family.


Jolyn said...

Woo-hoo! Negative comments! You finally made the big times!

Just kidding. Mean people stink. Not to mention her priorities are just a tad-bit misguided. And oh, her poor patients.

Anonymous said...

Forget her poor patients-- your alls poor children!! She (?he) leaves her patients at the end of the day but you all have a life time to mess up your kids.

Tine said...

As my husband says, controversy is good for a blog! Nicely handled though on your part. I believe, as you do, that it is our job to raise the level of consciousness about birth and allow families to made their own decisions about what is best for them. Keep up the good work.


Hugh7 said...

I wonder how she feels about cleaning up her 80-year old woman patients...?

And "nobody is going to want to date them"? News flash! 3/4 of the men in the world and about 1/5 of the adult men in the US are intact and somehow they get dates.

I think your statistic would be more correct as "57% of babies born today are being circumcised." But that's still nearly half who aren't, and so we can be confident that their generation of young women will be free of such prejudice.

And "the decision that is right for ... their son" is the one that maximises his options - leaving his genitals alone.