Friday, June 19, 2009

Hannah Reasoner, CD(DONA)

Yes, it is official, as of today, I am now certified as a birth doula through DONA!

In honor of these new credentials, I thought I would have another contest on my blog.

Obviously, I am very passionate about labor support and helping couples achieve their desired birth. I am interested in hearing your stories about the doula support you had at your birth. Why did you and your partner decide to hire a doula for your birth? How do you feel about the support she provided? Would you do it again? Have you had a doula at all your births? If not, what were the differences in your births with and without a doula present?

Thanks for your participation. I will randomly select a winner on July 1st!


Monica said...

Yay! Congratulations :)

We did not have a doula at either of our births. The first time around I didn't even know the term doula and the second time my midwife had been a doula before becoming a midwife and I felt quite comfortable with her playing both roles. She was wonderful! She was only there for about an hour before my daughter was born and she was calm, in control and had so many fabulous suggestions to help me through.

If I don't get to use her in the future I will definitely be hiring a doula as well as a midwife for my next birth.

Shannon and Casey said...

I had a doula for the birth of my daughter and I plan on having one for the rest of my kids if I am lucky enough to have more! She was WONDERFUL and I am SO glad I did it! She came over at 3 am and stayed with me until 11pm that night when she was born at the hospital. I had been up all night and both my hubby and I were so exhausted. She walked with me, talked me through the difficult times and was extremely encouraging throughout the whole thing. I felt like I needed someone that knew exactly what to do when I was going through the different stages and even though my hubby and I took Bradley together, nothing could replace her experience!

Emily said...

Congrats on DONA certification!

I had a doula the 2nd time around and absolutely loved her. I labored and delivered so quickly that I really didn't get to use her full service, but just having her there to just focus on me and my wants was wonderful. She had the most angelic voice that put my body to ease. My first delivery was a lot longer and I really wished I had a doula there. I would recommend a doula to anyone.