Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Teen Pregnancy

Recently, I have been doing research on teen pregnancy. In my work at The Gladney Center for Adoption, I mentor many teens who are preparing to place their baby for adoption. But, this is only a handful of girls who will become a teen pregnancy statistic. Many others will plan to parent or have an abortion.

With teen pregnancy on the rise, I feel it is important to provide support, education, and care to these young women and their support system. Many young girls may find themselves without the support they had hoped for during their pregnancy. A doula can help provide this support to the young teenagers and help get them started on the right track into parenthood.

Doulas can help with mentoring, in-home support, making healthy pregnancy choices, preparing for labor and birth, developing a birth plan, breastfeeding support, and newborn care and preparation for the postpartum period as the teen parent(s) and their families prepare for a new baby. In addition, the doula has a network of caregivers she can refer these young women to, such as, safe housing, drug and alcohol treatment centers, counceling, lactation support, parenting support groups, and programs to assist in completing education and furthering their education if desired.

If you are a teen or the parent of a teen and desire support, please contact me for further information. Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to receive the support and help you need for little to no cost.

The following is an article I retreived from another website. Click here to connect directly to the site for more information on teen pregnancy.


Teenage Pregnancy and Teen Abortions - Statistics and Facts

Teenage pregnancy is an issue that is rampant throughout the world and is a major concern due to the ill effects associated with teenagers bearing children. Here is an attempt to fathom all the possible reasons that lead to teenage pregnancy as well as the effects of teenage pregnancy and teen abortions. Teenage Pregnancy Statistics One of the surveys conducted by a leading international organization called Save the Children stated that annually 13 million children are born to women under the age of twenty, more that 90% in developing countries. It also said that the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in the world was found in sub-Saharan Africa. The United States has the highest teenage birth rate and a very high teenage abortion rate as well. Until 2006, there had been a declining trend in the teenage pregnancy numbers, especially since the early nineties. The Guttmacher Institute conducted a research, which stated that the decline was owing to successful promotion of abstinence and effective use of contraceptives amongst teenagers. However, as of 2007 the teenage pregnancy rates have begun to rise again reversing the positive trends seen in the previous years. Causes of Teenage Pregnancy While discussing the issue of teenage pregnancy it is very important to think about the possible reasons that are responsible for this phenomenon. One of the most important reasons for teen pregnancies is the way in which adolescents are looking at sex. For a majority of teenagers, lack of appropriate sex education, and the portrayal of sex through the mass media results in an inappropriate and a rather careless approach about the phenomenon of sex in general which leads to the fact that teenagers look at sex very differently. Most of the teenagers lack the maturity and sound understanding about the phenomenon of sex and often get carried away in the moment. The practice of unprotected sex leads to teen pregnancies and further to teen abortions. Although some of the teens decide to give birth to the child, the process of raising a child at a teenage is extremely difficult and hampers many factors like the education of the teen, the financial concerns, and of course the psychological stress associated with the process. Teen pregnancies can also result from sexual abuse of teenage girls. Instances of teen pregnancies resulting from sexual abuse by sexual predators, or even date rapes have been on the rise. Dealing with a teenage pregnancy can be even more difficult in such cases, due to the emotional as well as physical trauma. The Internet might have been a great source of communication, but has emerged as an easy option for sexual predators to lure and victimize teenage girls. In some countries child marriage is practiced which leads to teenage girls being forced into motherhood at a very young age at which the girl is not ready for motherhood both physically and emotionally. Impact of Teenage Pregnancies and Teen Abortions Most of the people put a lot of thought and planning before they decide they want to have children, since raising a child is an extremely difficult task, which requires a lot of psychological, physical as well financial strength. The first and most important thing about teenage pregnancies is that teenage is a very tender age, and hence teenagers lack the physical as well as psychological maturity required for conceiving children. Teenage pregnancies can very extremely difficult to deal with not only for the teen, but the entire family and might have an effect on the younger siblings of the teenager. Continuing education becomes very difficult for teenage mothers, which again leads to an unstable future without education and proper employment opportunities. This affects the quality of living of both the mother as well as the child. The risks associated with childbirth are higher for girls under the age of fourteen years. An underdeveloped pelvis often leads to complications during childbirth. The Caesarean section option can be used for dealing with obstructed labor, however, in developing regions where medical services might be unavailable, it can lead to obstetric fistula, eclampsia, infant mortality, or even maternal death.

It's hard to raise a child when you're still a child ~ Anonymous

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